Selling Resources

For your initial NFT, Athstat will list it for sale and all proceeds go to you! If you want to re-sell an NFT after you purchase it, simply click on ‘List NFT’ from the NFT page.

Athstat Charges a 13.5% transaction fee for each initial sale i.e. the first sale. The user/athlete will receive 86.5% This is because Athstat covers all gas fees, digital asset creation and listing fees.

Yes - for every recurring sale, if you are the original creator/owner of the NFT, the user/athlete will continue to receive 10% of each sale.

Auctions are not set up just yet, however, this will be implemented in the future.

Currently, you can list an item for however long you would like

Please send us an email to to cancel or discuss NFT listing price

To convert crypto to cash, simply go to an exchange like, and get cash for your crypto!

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